Three Hacks for Ensuring Nothing Breaks During a Move

Ensuring No Breakage: 3 Move Hacks. Worried about fragile items during your move? Our comprehensive article reveals three proven hacks for ensuring nothing breaks, empowering you to relocate smoothly and securely.

One of the biggest problems with moving is that it becomes far too easy for your stuff to break.

After all, moving is more than just switching from one place to another. You have to move things, pack it, wrap it, load it, and unload it – and any one of these steps is ripe for accidentally damaging one of your prized possessions.

Ensuring nothing breaks: 3 Moving Hacks

That being said, fear not: Follow these three hacks, and you will dramatically decrease the odds of breaking something by mistake.

1) Use what you have

The good news about moving is that there are plenty of easy ways you can use what you have to decrease the odds of breaking things.

For example, use your shirts to cover your dishware, use toilet paper rolls to organize cords, and cover hung clothing (like suits or dresses) with big garbage bags. This helps protect your breakable items and keeps them surrounded by soft, safe surfaces that can prevent accidental damage.

2) Make sure your boxes are easy to lift

A common way of items breaking during a move is when a box is dropped or falls. Fortunately, there are easy ways to prevent this. If possible, make sure to use boxes that already have handles in them.

If your boxes don’t come with handles, fear not: You can always cut handles into them. This will make your boxes relatively easy to haul, load, and unload from the moving truck.

When it comes to loading, make sure not to over-stuff the boxes, or you risk things crashing through the bottom. You should always pack your heaviest items at the bottom of a box, and leave an inch of space between your stuff and the top of the box. This will provide a cushion and prevent damaging what is in the boxes.

3) Identify fragile items

When it comes to moving, half of the battle means proper planning. To that end, you should identify all of the things you are moving, which are more fragile, somewhat likely to break, or need special care and attention.

Figure out what steps you need to do to protect them. For example, should they be wrapped with particular care? Loaded in a separate section of the truck or your car? Packed only with other, similar items?

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